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Why Whiteboard Animations?

Whiteboard animations, or video scribing, is taking the business world by storm – it is THE trend of the year. And it’s easy to see why. You already know that video is one of the most compelling forms of communication – far more engaging than print and direct mail, and proven to be more effective than most online advertising. Add that to the explanatory nature of these whiteboard animations, and they are virtually impossible to ignore.


You know it’s happened to you before: you’ve come across one of these whiteboard animations, and found yourself watching through to the very end. It’s like you were pulled in. That’s real engagement! And it’s one of the key benefits of whiteboard animations.


The best part? You’re not alone! Our own studies have shown that viewers watch a significantly higher proportion of whiteboard animations when compared to traditional video content.
But don’t just take our word for it:



That’s why many of today’s biggest global brands have already jumped on this trend and have been using whiteboard animations to get their message across. So, what are you waiting for? If you need engaging, effective, entertaining (and don’t forget – cost efficient) communication methods to get your message across – whiteboard animations are right for you. And Whiteboard Animations For Less is ready to make your message heard and remembered.


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Need some more convincing? Here are our top 5 benefits of whiteboard animations:

  1. Easily communicate complex messages;

  2. Increased retention and brand recall;

  3. It is the perfect way to introduce your product, brand or message on your homepage;

  4. Video is inherently shareable and viral by nature;

  5. It’s quick and cost effective!