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Production FAQs

At Whiteboard Animations For Less, we guide you through the entire production process, so that your whiteboard animation is unique and works as hard as it has to. Below are some frequently asked questions to get you acquainted with our process.


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How long does it take to create a whiteboard animation

Development and production time depends on the complexity of your message, and the length of your finished video. Typically, for a 1-2 minute video we estimate about a week to a week and a half from start to finish.

I desperately need a whiteboard animation – immediately! Do you do rush jobs?

Generally speaking, we are able to compress the timeline for rush jobs, but additional fees may apply. Please email us at to discuss your specific needs.

Do I need to provide you with artwork and images?

It is not necessary to provide us with artwork or images, but if you have specific expectations of what you would like us to include, please let us know.

On the other hand, if you do have specific pictures or images or artwork that you would like to include, we can work them into the final animation.

Do your whiteboard animations include music?

Our editors can include a variety of bells and whistles to your video – from music to voiceovers to sound effects and everything in between. Specifically regarding music, we have a catalog of stock music to choose from, and we typically recommend a music track that fits your brand and message. If you have a specific music track that you would like to include, we can add that into your video – providing there is no copyright issue.

How is it that your whiteboard animations are so inexpensive?

There’s a reason we call ourselves Whiteboard Animations For Less! We’ve spent months optimizing our production process, and we work with the latest editing software to make videos that are quick, effective and memorable. Our company was built on efficiency – and you benefit from it!

What information do I need to provide to have my own video produced?

To kick start the process, we’ll need the below information. The more concise the better – less is always more!

  1. Official name of company/product/service to be highlighted;
  2. A short background (2-3 sentences) about the company and the product or service to be advertised;
  3. In one sentence or less, the objective of the video;
  4. Target audience: Who are we trying to talk to?
  5. Key message: What is the one message you are trying to get across (must be succinct)?;
  6. 3-5 support points to explain or substantiate the video’s key message;
  7. Tone of voice of the brand, product or service (e.g. humorous, light hearted, serious, etc.)
  8. Call to action: What do you want the viewer to do after seeing this video?
  9. URL/address/email/phone number to be included in video (if applicable);
  10. Any other relevant information you can provide to assist in the creative development process?

Assets/Files needed:

  1. Any logos that should be included in the video
  2. Any relevant images (e.g. products, etc.) that should be included in the video